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A new era of

digital & physical

real estate.

Hold KEYS to buy, sell, rent, and monetize real estate and luxury assets in our metaverse and the physical world. The more KEYS you hold, the more benefits and access you gain within the KEYS ecosystem.

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How tobuy KEYS
KEYS Tokenuse cases.
Metaverse & NFT Access
KEYS holders will gain exclusive access to the Meta Mansions NFT mint in addition to exclusive benefits in our metaverse.
Transact Real Estate in Crypto
Hold KEYS and gain access to our crypto asset exchange that will allow holders to use mainstream cryptocurrencies to purchase, sell, and rent both digital and physical real-estate as well as other luxury assets.
Stake, Farm, and Earn
Stake and farm your KEYS on our platform to earn rewards and exclusive benefits within our product ecosystem in exchange.
Exclusive Benefits and Access
Gain access to exclusive discounts on partner products and services worldwide as well as KEYS events in our metaverse and the physical world.

Meta Mansion Airdrop.

All KEYS Token holders automatically qualify for a Meta Mansions airdrop.


KEYS Token Roadmap

At KEYS, we are developing revolutionary products that continue to evolve on a daily basis with our global network of key partners.

Stage 1 – KEYS Token

KEYS Token is a utility token that acts as a key to our ecosystem. To access the products in our ecosystem, you must hold KEYS. In simple terms, the more you hold, the more access and benefits you gain.

Stage 2 – KEYCard

The KEYCard will act as a payment service and membership card for those who strive to live a true luxury lifestyle. Users will have access to a tiered benefits program, exclusive events, rewards, and more.

Stage 3 – Metaverse + NFT

Meta Mansions is an exclusive residential community of 8,888 virtual NFT mansions built inside our own metaverse. Yes, we are developing our own metaverse powered by KEYS Token with top VR/AR and game engine developers.

Stage 4 – Crypto Asset Exchange

KEYS has partnered with influencial players in the real estate and luxury asset industries, including real-estate designers, investors, architects, and developers to provide crypto-adopters with a secure and trusted platform to rent and purchase real estate and other luxury assets using mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Stage 5 – KEYS Blockchain

The KEYS Blockchain will be the decentralized solution to the real-estate and luxury-asset industries. It will facilitate the development of projects covering everything from escrow and peer-to-peer transactions, decentralized financing, property transfer, legalities, and more. We are positioned to be known as the layer one protocol for high-ticket transactions in both the Metaverse and physical world.

Our Tokenomics

The KEYS utility token has a total initialsupply of 1,000,000,000 KEYS, and features a 3% Marketing and Development fee. Token distribution is as follows:

20% Liquidity

200,000,000 KEYS (locked for 4 years)

10% M&D

100,000,000 KEYS

7% Dev Allocation

70,000,000 KEYS (vested @4.16% /mo. over 24 months)

25% Private Sale

250,000,000 KEYS

28% Token Locker

280,000,000 KEYS (1% monthly claim allowance)

10% Burn

100,000,000 KEYS (5,000,000 KEYS annualy over 20 years)

Power in numbers.

Meet the KEYS Team.

Coming from diverse backgrounds of success in life and business, the core KEYS Token Team and our strategic partners have what it takes to bring our game-changing vision to life.


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